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Who We Are

There are approximately 160 local branches across England and Wales such as ours divided into South, North, Midlands and Wales for administrative purposes. These are independent registered charities with their own board of between 7 – 14 trustees who must both raise and spend their own money in line with rules set down by the RSPCA. It can be thought of as a franchise that enables branches to use the RSPCA logo and get advice and support from the expertise in the organisation. Most branches employ an administrator or manager to manage the day to day operations. This one doesn’t at present but may have to soon.

This branch was registered with the Charity Commission in 1974 by Marjorie Vergan and complies with the RSPCA rules in order to use the logo and call itself a branch.

The purpose of local branches is primarily to support their local inspectors but varies across the country according to local need. We like to encourage volunteers including those undertaking Duke of Edinburgh and further animal care training.

Branches only fund raise in their own area unless agreed in advance with adjacent branches although there are a number that co-operate.

Other methods of raising funds include open days at the centres, donations, coffee mornings and sales although with the effort involved small scale events are not usually cost effective but they are fun and make new friends for everyone including the animals

Branches are always looking for volunteers to help with not just the shops and animal care but with administration, management and operation of what we do daily to help both animals and their owners. It is important that volunteers feel confident to talk to others about the work we undertake